Nettix in brief

Nettix Ltd serves consumers, dealers and advertisers through its wide selection of digital services and medias.

Nettix offers 9 leading marketplaces: Nettiauto, Nettimoto, Nettikaravaani, Nettikone, Nettimarkkina, Nettimökki, Nettivaraosa, Nettivene and Nettivuokraus. We also produce the leading media for heavy machinery in Finland: Konepörssi. For the wider audience we also offer a general news aggregate service Ampparit.

Buy or sell in our marketplaces

If you are a CONSUMER interested in buying or selling any kind of motor vehicle, you will find what you are looking for in the market places listed above. The links listed below will send you directly to the ”Post ad” form. Posting an ad is free for consumers.

If you are a DEALER willing to start selling your vehicles in one of our services, please contact our ”Yritysasiakaspalvelu” customer service. The contact details are listed in the footer.

Get started by posting an ad

Reach an audience of 2,5 million users by advertising in our digital services

We reach an audience of 2,5 million users through our Nettix and Otavamedia networks. We offer an advanced selection of ad formats: display, video and native. Please contact our ”Yritysasiakaspalvelu” customer service for further information. The contact details are listed in the footer.

Advertise in the leading media for heavy machinery and vehicles

The print magazine Konepörssi and the extensive online content in combined with social media channels reach decision-makers and key persons and create excellent opportunities for successful marketing. Please find more information here.

Nettix Ltd

Nettix Ltd is a subsidiary of Otava Market Places Ltd, belonging to Otava Group.

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